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What Brand Names are using Avante POP Displays?
Do POP retail store displays really work?
So how does the design process work for a custom pop display, where do I start?
What are the advantages of buying Avante custom point of purchase displays "factory direct"?

Digital Signage & POP Display FAQs

Dish Network, Weston Bakeries, Molson's Brewery, Entenmann's Baked Goods, Maytag/Crosley Appliances, Espree, Ethan Allan, Ahava Skin Care, Founders Club Golf, Watkins Home Products, Teragren Flooring, Heritage Specialty Family Foods.

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Do POP retail store displays really work?

YES! Point-of-purchase (POP) advertising is more important than ever before for today's retailers. Studies by POPAI "Point of Purchase Advertising International" reveal the following:

  • About 70 percent of all brand purchase decisions are made in-store.
  • In store sales have increased as much as 65% when P.O.P materials are used.
  • Cost-per-thousand of P.O.P advertising is close to that of out-of-home advertising, or radio, which is about half the cost of TV advertising.

PCi's analysis of the POPAI C-Store data for one category found that one brand consistently used standard stock materials, while another actively used custom P.O.P. The custom P.O.P delivered a 28% sales lift, while standard materials generated a 13% lift, a 2:1 advantage in favor of custom materials. These results were consistent across multiple materials and messages.

Custom P.O.P vs. Standard P.O.P Materials
Alcoholic Beverage Category
2x the Lift of
Standard Materials
% Sales Lifts when P.O.P...
How made? Brand Sign/Banner Brand/ Logo Retail Price Product Photo  
Custom A 31% 30% 26% 23% Custom Avg. = 28%
Standard B 11% 11% 12% 19% Standard Avg. = 13%
Source: In-Store Advertising Becomes a Measured Medium: Convenience Stores ©2003, POPAI

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So how does the design process work for a custom pop display, where do I start?

First, determine the amount of product to be displayed and stored on the retail display and determine your budget if you haven't already done so. If you are working with a specific retailer, find out if they have any size or other restrictions that would apply. Have an idea on the graphics you would like to use and where. With this information you can talk to one of our designers and we can get started on your custom point of purchase display.

The Design Process.

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What are the advantages of buying Avante custom point of purchase displays "factory direct"?

A lot of custom display manufacturers act as a "middle man" and do not manufacture the products they sell. This increases your cost and puts a distance between the designers and the builders. At Avante we design, print and build in house. This keeps cost down and gives you the peace of mind knowing that the designer and your point of purchase display manufacturer are working side by side as a team creating solutions to help you sell more product.

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